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Comments? Roll

Main Page:

Count - Specifies the number of cards to randomly choose.
Show Results - Returns to the most recent list of cards that have been chosen.
New Roll - Chooses Count cards at random and goes to the Roll Page.
(Various Editions) - Checkboxes to select which editons to choose random cards from.
... - Goes to the Edition Page, which allows you to edit which cards from each edition will be chosen at random.
Reset - Enables all cards for all editions.
Comments? - Write me an email!

Edition Page

Check All - Enables all cards for this particular edition. (Various Cards) - Specifies whether or not this card will be considered when choosing random cards.
Done - Returns to the Main Page.

Roll Page

For Each Card:
Strike - Remove this card, and remove it from the Edition Page list of possible chosen cards for subsequent rolls.
Veto - Remove this card, yet leave it enabled for subsequent rolls.
Reroll - Remove this card, leave it enabled for subsequent rolls, and replace it with another card at random.

Roll Again - Removes all cards, leaves them enabled for subsequent rolls, chooses as many new cards at random.
Add Card - Adds a new card chosen at random.
Strike All - Removes all cards, removes them from subsequent rolls.
Back - Returns to the Main Page. The current cards will be remembered.